Announcement on information collected regarding fake wallets downloaded through search engines

Recently, we have received reports from users regarding fake wallets and stolen coins.

They use mobile browsers “Baidu search” and “UC browsers” (Shenma search) to search for “Bitpie” and “bitpie wallet”, they downloaded the wallet from a fake official website, Assets were stolen when transferred to the fake wallet .

Since scammers purchased promotion services for fake websites on search engines, Baidu and Shenma some time ago, the fake websites will be “topped” and marked as “official”, “brand” or even “certified” when searching on mobile Therefore, users are easy to be fooled.

In this regard, our risk control team has issued multiple announcements to remind users and has always kept pop-up warnings in the wallet. However, the amount of victims may be unpredictable due to high traffic of these search engines.

Currently, our risk control team is working with the well-known security companies in the industry to analyze relevant data and more clues related to fake wallet websites. It is understood that such scams are currently rampant. Those scammers not only pretend to be the official website of Bitpie, but also other types of wallets.

We hope to collect more clues from the victims and will try our best to analyze, hoping to help victims recover their losses. Therefore, if you have experienced a counterfeit wallet theft case, whether you are Bitpie wallet user or not, you can contact us and submit relevant content.

You can send the following content to
Email subject: name + XX fake wallet
Email content:
Contact number:
Stolen assets: (currency name, belonging chain)
Number of stolen assets:
Stolen Transaction Hash: (indicate the hash, chain name)
Bitpie wallet UID: (other wallets indicate the wallet brand)
Download method: (e.g. search for “XXX” on Baidu, click to the XXX website, the URL is XXX, photos )
Browser name:
Search engine name:

Bitpie Risk Control Team
December 2, 2021


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