BitPie Cross-chain Stable Coins — more details

Bitpie is a strong technology-driven team with zero security incidents in the last 5 years. Bitpie is popular among Bitcoins holders, especially those holding large amounts of Bitcoin. The team developed a bitcoin wallet, Bither wallet, which is the only wallet recommended by in the Chinese world, and many institutes and teams are managing their bulk-amount assets using it in Asia.

Bitpie is structured using HD wallet (Hierarchical Deterministic, protocol BIP32/44) technology. Bitpie platform cannot touch users’ digital assets. The “withdrawal pause” or “making off with money” will never happen to us. To date, we have been storing over 15 billion USD worth of cryptocurrencies.

Key Features

• Expie Exchange
We have a built-in exchange with safe cold-stored coins reserves and high liquidity.

• Instant Trade
Fast, secure and easy way to enter the market by those who are new to cryptocurrency.

• Pie Bank Financial plans
Pie Bank is a centralized account provided by Bitpie for financial services and exchange platform — Expie. Users must deposit their assets into Pie Bank for subscribing financial products (daily, monthly and yearly) which will benefits with promising interests.

• Dapps Page
Collection of most popular Dapps on EOS,

• Vision
We are dedicated to being the largest and best EOS ecological wallet, meanwhile, supporting multiple blockchain assets and Dapps. We will integrate a number of services for new users in the blockchain world.



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