Staking ETH2.0 on Bitpie wallet

The announcement of the Ethereum ETH2.0 beacon chain launching on December 1 has attracted countless eyes. It’s not only participating in staking Ethereum to obtain an annualized income of up to 20%, but also many people are looking forward to ETH to open the next chapter.

The rising market sentiment has stimulated the growth of contract pledge progress to a certain extent, but some of them are unable to participate because of ultra-high participation threshold.

1. To become a node verifier, it requires at least 32 ETH to be pledged in the contract, which is a lot of money for users.

2. With a high technical threshold, a validator needs to perform routine maintenance on the hardware and software of its own node after staking 32 ETH. This is very difficult for users without technical knowledge, and the failure of the node may cause the pledged funds confiscated.

3. The 32 ETHs participating in the pledge need to wait for the completion of ETH2.0 before they can be released from the pledge. The industry estimates the time will be about 2 years. At the same time, the online delay caused by other reasons is not ruled out. The uncertainty caused makes it difficult to accept.

All the above thresholds have increased the participation cost. In order to promote the development of ETH2.0 and lower the threshold for users to participate, Bitpie provides a one-click pledge service of ETH2.0. Users can participate ETH2.0 with Bitpie wallet.

Bitpie ETH2.0 pledge service has the following advantages:

1. Ultra-low funding entrance

Bitpie has removed the 32 ETH limit and only 0.1 ETH now. Bitpie will help you to establish the nodes.

2. No technical skill is required

All node operation and maintenance and other technical operations are maintained by Bitpie developers, and users only need to participate and enjoy the benefits.

3. Flexible to exit

It is different from the traditional pledge where users need to lock their assets for two years or more. When the user participates in the pledge of ETH2.0 with Bitpie, Bitpie will send the pledge certificate to the user according to the number of pledges — ETH2 TOKEN, ETH2 TOKEN can be traded in the next version of Bitpie, if you want to withdraw from the pledge of ETH2, you only need to sell ETH2 TOKEN in the market, and you can get the corresponding ETH and the income you have already obtained.

4. Principal security

There are currently a lot of high-risk wealth management products on the market showing ETH2.0 pledges, such products may embezzle user assets to participate in venture capital. In Bitpie, all user assets are only for node pledge. The security of the ETH mainnet determines the security of Bitpie 2.0 pledge service.

5. The highest income

Users can get income on time every day. Bitpie will charge 10% (the lowest fee in the market) of income to cover the operating cost of the server, and the rest of the income will be sent to the user. At the same time, Bitpie has many years of professional node maintenance experience, which can maximize the stability of the node and enable users to obtain higher benefits. *The current annualized rate is about 20%, and the income will change according to the fluctuation of the entire network pledge rate.

Convenient participation and flexible exit.

Use Bitpie for ETH2.0!

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