Version 5.0.149 has been released with BSC multi-signature support

Bitpie Wallet
Sep 13, 2023


To download Bitpie, please visit the official website at Avoid downloading from unofficial sources to protect your assets.

*Ensure your mnemonic phrase is securely backed up before taking any actions. Do not uninstall the wallet unless you are certain your backup is safe.

Upgrade to Bitpie version 5.0.149 to utilize the BSC multi-signature feature.

You can install the update directly over the previous version; there is no need for uninstallation.

Tutorial on Setting up a multi-signature account

Change the wallet system and add your multi-sig account
Choose your payment currency, input the title and pick a coin type for multi-sig
Input UID , select the account type to create a multi-sig account

Once all invited participants accept the invitations, the multi-signature account is successfully created.



Bitpie Wallet

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