Dear Users:

Due to the abnormality of the node during the recent upgrade of COCOS, and COCOS has not been fixed this issue, Bitpie Wallet cannot obtain relevant node.

Bitpie decided to stop COCOS-related support, and the security of COCOS will not be affected by this. The COCOS private key can be imported into the official wallet for subsequent operations.

Import the official wallet tutorial:

Bitpie Team

The announcement of the Ethereum ETH2.0 beacon chain launching on December 1 has attracted countless eyes. It’s not only participating in staking Ethereum to obtain an annualized income of up to 20%, but also many people are looking forward to ETH to open the next chapter.

The rising market sentiment has stimulated the growth of contract pledge progress to a certain extent, but some of them are unable to participate because of ultra-high participation threshold.

1. To become a node verifier, it requires at least 32 ETH to be pledged in the contract, which is a lot of money for…

The most popular sentence in the blockchain :

“Not Your Keys, Not Your Bitcoin”

It means that the real control of the mnemonic (private key) is the real control of your own asset, so only using a decentralized wallet can reflect the spirit of blockchain decentralization. Especially in the situation of frequent disturbances on the centralized platform, withdrawing coins to their own wallet is essential for every user.

This article will take BTC, USDT, and other assets as examples to teach you how to withdraw your assets from an exchange and how to use a decentralized wallet.

Ready to work:

1. Bitpie Wallet (download on …

  1. Open Bitpie, Click Me and select Transaction Management, My Pledge, you can create ads after deposit.

2. Click OKU Receipt Information to enter your OK Account

How to sell OKU on mobile

Open Bitpie and upgrade to the latest version 4.9.013

1. Enter OKU Trade, you can see OKU trade orders;

2. After selecting the merchant to be traded, click “Buy” and enter the transaction amount, quantity to confirm;

Recently, users reported that there is a false “Bitpie Official Group” with 8,000 members on Telegram. The administrators of the group have been using various methods to try deceiving users’ mnemonics.

Please be alert to scam, do not enter mnemonic words on any website, and do not disclose the mnemonic words to anyone, and beware the loss of asset.

If you have any questions, please contact official staffs:

Hereby declare

Bitpie team
21 September 2020


【注意,在參與波場TRON DeFi項目時,請確保自己擁有足夠的TRX來保障轉賬正常】


打開比特派錢包,點擊「發現」,安卓手機切換到TRON在DeFi一欄找到「carrot」,蘋果手機複製鏈接 到輸入框,並跳轉。



以JST農場為例,你需要先點擊「批准JST」進行授權,代授權完成後,可進行JST的充值。(如果你點擊批准後沒有反應,請檢查下是否擁有足夠的TRX,沒有TRX便無法完成授權,在比特派的波場能量站可以補充5元 — — 20元的波場)







Yesterday, YFII notified the risk of the contract code, the sentence “all tokens recharged by the user, the developer has the authority to withdraw” is not completely accurate, so here we want to share a more detailed description to everyone.

The problem with the malicious code of the contract is not about “the developer can access the tokens from the user’s contract” (the developer can do this in the first place), but any user authorized to the contract, the developer can wipe out the tokens in your wallet (not just what you deposit into the contract). …

DeFi is hot and exciting. Recently a large number of users have poured into Ethereum’s DeFi project. They have begun to participate either out of their optimism about DeFi or the pursuit of revenue from yield farming. Decentralized lending, DEX, oracles, synthetic assets, innovations continue to emerge. These projects connect and form a DeFi universe through a combination of building blocks. However, before the DeFi universe truly matures, there is a huge obstacle to be overcome — crypto asset security. On April 18, 2020, 300K$ was drained from Uniswap by a hacker because of a contract compatibility issue; on the…

Bitpie Wallet has announced to establish ‘Bitpie Security Lab’ today!

Consisting of experienced blockchain technical and cryptograph experts, Bitpie Security Lab will focus on the fundamental research of blockchain cryptograph security, privacy protection, and smart contract security. Aiming to improve the security level and awareness of blockchain industry.

Bitpie Security Lab will put more efforts on leveraging the security of App & Hardware wallets and the related ecosystem. We will cooperate with world famous blockchain security teams like SlowMist, PeckShield etc. Together to contribute to build a more secure blockchain world in the future.

Bitpie Team

July 15th, 2020

Bitpie Wallet

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